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Powder Coating

Powder coating of metal parts creates a tough, durable finish that is capable of enduring the harshest of environments. Our process has been proven to provide protection for over 600 hours of salt spray testing. Almost anything made of metal and capable of withstanding 400 degrees can be coated. We have coated lawn furniture, motorcycle frames, small trailers, airplane parts, and various tools, just to name a few. Our powder coating facility is capable of coating parts in a multitude of colors and textured finishes.

The Wheelabrator features an eight foot rotating table and two giant wheels that throw steel shot to strip the parts down to bare metal. For parts that are too large to fit in this machine, we use sandblasting as an alternative preparation method. The Powder Coating is applied using an electrostatic gun, and is then baked in our 10 x 25 x 9 oven at temperatures reaching 400 degrees. When cool, the parts will have a durable finish that far outperforms regular paint.